Reduce electrical shock incidents

Protect your workers with real-time alerts when they're in the proximity of a dangerous electrical current.

Voltage Bands detect energized equipment nearby and notify the user of danger.

Extra Line of Defense

Voltage is a wrist-worn voltage sensor that detects energized devices nearby and immediately notifies the user of danger.

By analyzing a user’s proximity to an energized source, Voltage provides real-time, multi-sensory alerts to the user when they enter the warning zone, and again when they breach the limit of approach.

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Real-Time Hazard Alerts

Multi-sensory alerts in real time warn users of danger in different voltage environments.

Detailed Reporting

Reports and analytics provide insights to help improve safety procedures and training.

Always On Protection

Voltage is always on so workers can perform daily tasks with lowered risk of electrical contact injuries.

Customizable Settings

Set a variety of parameters depending on each worker, team, location and date.

Protect Your Workers From Live Electrical Currents

Protect every worker facing electrical risk in every situation. Voltage is a single solution that works in any voltage environment. Alongside the mobile app, you can easily move from low voltage settings to high voltage settings within seconds.

Use Voltage for manufacturing, mining, construction and first responders. Settings can be tailored to the specific voltage and distance needed for each use case, allowing you to adopt the best strategy for your needs, including low voltage for unqualified workers.

Leverage Incident Reports For Training & Operational Excellence

Voltage is more than just PPE. Every warning is stored and communicated seamlessly back to the dashboard and mobile app. This provides real-time and historical access to every interaction a worker has with an energized device.

You can view insights on compliance and warnings that are organized by worker, team, location, and date. You can ask questions and take action to improve the safety and operational performance of your entire organization. Voltage gives visibility into safety data that’s unavailable anywhere else.



Self test: Ensure devices are fully functioning prior to use

FCC compliance

Multi-sensory alerts

Mobile App


Multi-voltage: Calibrate warnings on the go from 480V – 500kV

Mute: Silence alerts when users acknowledge they are working energized

iOS & Android compatibility



Long-term summaries allow you to see trends and spot outliers in an instant

Drill down for deep inquiry and insights with built-in filtering options

API: Ingest all your data directly into your business intelligence systems for analysis

Voltage Bands

Not sure the Voltage Band is right for your team?

We can start with a pilot trial that includes a full planning, education and calibration process to give you the custom settings your team needs.

The package includes:

  • Five Voltage Bands
  • Training, system setup and pilot plan execution
  • One year of data access, analytics and reporting
  • One month of phone support
  • Weekly standups to ensure everything is proceeding smoothly
  • Customized sensitivity settings
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