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Digital Electrical Safety Program and Field Forms Management

Our entire world is moving online – let’s bring your ESP up to speed.

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Eliminate the paper. Increase worker productivity and competency. Receive real-time notifications and have statistics at your fingertips. Embracing an online/mobile ESP solution now will provide incredible efficiency gains and even greater operational results.

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Why move your documents online?

Reduce Errors and Missing Information

Reduce Errors and Missing Information

Digital forms can ensure reduced input errors with pre-populated dropdown lists and mandatory fields

Deploy all your OHSMS and ESP Forms

Deploy all your OHSMS and ESP Forms

Quick access to preloaded forms, inspections, checklists and more

Eliminate Lost Paperwork

Eliminate Lost Paperwork

Cloud-based storage means never misplacing a document again

Information At Your Fingertips

Information At Your Fingertips

Keep important OHSMS documents and reference materials available at the touch of a button

Instant Document Signoff

Instant Document Signoff

Create workflows to notify supervisors for quick and easy signoff approval

Real-Time Data Insights

Real-Time Data Insights

Advanced dashboards and analytics make tracking and reporting a snap

Increased worker competency and complete due diligence

The interactive platform helps workers get out of auto-pilot mode and truly engage in arc flash and shock hazard identification. Forms can be set up and customized for foolproof completion.

Supervisors can provide quick and easy approval signoff, even remotely, with automated form workflows and notifications.

Managers have instant access to advanced data analytics capabilities in real time for improved safety reporting. Eliminate the administrative burden of manual reporting.

Manage PPE, Tools and Equipment Inventory

Manage Stock Online

Manage your PPE inventory online and always know exactly what you have on hand at any time.

Easy PPE Sign-In/Sign-Out

Set up sign-in/sign-out forms to help track inventory.

Make PPE Checks Effortless

Simplify pre-use PPE inspections with customized checklist forms.

PPE Reminders

Set up notifications for testing, maintenance and replacement.

PPE Selection Guides

Make it easy for workers to choose the right PPE to keep them safe for their work tasks.

Reference Library

Keep important how-to information handy like PPE user manuals and company procedures.

Managing your documents and forms online means keeping a finger on the pulse of your operations at any given time.

Improve productivity and efficiency, and reduce administrative burden.