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[column_dd span=”12 “][h_dd type=”1″]Licensed Products[/h_dd]Unlimited PPE offers several licensed product solutions for compliance with electrical safety regulations. We offer both training and program related products on license agreements to our Clients. Our licensed products allow you to take full control of your electrical safety with solutions that provide sustainability and are measurable. We have flexible license options and pricing levels that can be applied to any business regardless of your size.
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[column_dd span=”6″][h_dd type=”4″]Training Courseware[/h_dd]We offer our industry leading eLearning courses as licensed courseware. The Electrical Safety Training System (ESTS) courses are designed for both Electrical and Non-Electrical Workers. Clients who license our full suite of course options can effectively train their entire workforce. Our courses can be used in a blended learning model as a prerequisite to traditional Instructor-led classroom courses. The available license options are;

  1. SCORM package for a Learning Management System (LMS).
  2. USB Flash Drive with built-in functionality and course tracking features.

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[column_dd span=”6″][h_dd type=”4″]Electrical Safety Programs[/h_dd]The single most important part of any CSA Z462 or NFPA 70E compliant workplace is an Electrical Safety Program. Maximize due diligence with respect to management of the electrical hazards of arc flash and shock. Everything that relates to electrical safety is more effectively managed with a comprehensive Electrical Safety Program. We have worked with ESPS Electrical Safety Program Solutions Inc. to develop an off-the-shelf template documentation solution called the “Product in a Box”. We offer a variety of license options including;

  1. Small Contractor.
  2. Single Site Industrial, Commercial or Institutional.
  3. Enterprise Wide Organization.

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