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Wear your Arc Flash PPE!

Wearing arc flash personal protective equipment (PPE) is better than nothing at all. Arc flash PPE works. This equipment saves lives. There’s even a built-in margin of error provided you wear it.

Getting workers to wear arc flash PPE is a big problem for industry. We can try to scare them by showing images of burn victims, arc flash accidents and other gut wrenching graphics. We can train
workers and demonstrate how arc flash PPE performs by showing actual products following an exposure or videos. Here is an example video of an old arc flash suit being tested at a laboratory. However these techniques are small parts of an overall comprehensive solution.

The best way to train workers on arc flash PPE is to first understand how workers learn using basic adult education techniques. That’s a big leap for many of us who didn’t go to Teacher’s college, including myself! I self-educated on how to train workers on arc flash PPE and have learned through lots of experience. That experience has taught me to better understand adult learning principles, including Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains; cognitive (thinking), affective (feelings) and psychomotor (physical). Each of these break down into additional subsets so refer to the sources listed below for additional information.

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When it Comes to Electrical Safety, Electrical Workers Want to See True Colours

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Electrical Workers want to see true colours. Finally that technology is available for arc flash protection. Consider how important colours are to a worker who is responsible for electrical work. The difference is like lifting a green veil so you can see colours perfectly. It’s now possible for Electrical Workers to wear adequate arc flash protection and see true colours, reds are red and blues are blue.

Ask your workers what they want, Green or True Colours? When arc flash personal protective equipment (PPE) is required (using new 2015 selection methods) it’s important to provide the best available technology for worker compliance, comfort, productivity and overall sense of enjoyment.

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What You Need to Know About the New Edition of CSA Z462 – 2015

New CSA 462 - 2015Happy New Year! What a great way to start off the year with a new Standard. We’re very excited about this new edition because we know you’ll find more value in the content as tools to apply when conducting an arc flash risk assessment.

The new 2015 edition of CSA Z462 has published and can be purchased online at the CSA Group store. The Standard is available in either PDF or wire bound printed versions. As a reminder from our earlier blog post do NOT immediately train your workers on the 2015 Standard without first updating your electrical safety program.

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Turning 2014 into 2015, What’s next for Electrical Safety?

2015-calendarAs the year comes to a close we’re reflecting on what has been a good 2014 and looking forward to a great 2015. We’re wishing Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our Clients and industry partners. Now that business is winding down for the holidays it’s a great time to review your plans for next year. Specific to electrical safety programs and safety management systems you should prepare for change. Lots of change actually! Next month the new edition of CSA Z462 will be published.

This being our first blog post we’ll begin to walk you through what’s coming and explain how industry changes and updates will impact you. We’ll make recommendations on how to adapt and adopt to the new and improved electrical safety requirements. Our goal is to keep you informed as we provide helpful pointers on effective electrical safety change management.

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